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Tackett Kraatz II Parnell Leinaar
Gorman Meinert Stiner Dunn
Flowers Galvez Chon Allison
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Maciaszek Blakeslee HaunRogue Sparvero
Singleton Mason Lovett Cicconi
Gray Chen Kopalek Adam
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Echevarria Vane Conn Allen
Grande Bastard Ferry Winnik
Champion Chinsky Daniel Lee
Pope Bowie Castillo Bustos
Biernat Denton Price Tuller
Miller Jett Tena Coyle
Bradley London Capitumini Ninaltowski
Lim Martin Vosburg Rojo
Gordon Harrington Birdi Kupperberg
Martin Barnett Stroman Valenzuela
Blair Rubinstein Long Govar
Flowers Stinsman Case Rios
Straw Elrod Gallagher Verma
DePaola Muzak Dennis Grey
Girard Giladi Buenaventura Braun
Green Deslauriers McCain James
Desquitado Fraim Hodge Linquist
Shinyama Grills Snyder Huante
Sharp Montano Pereyra Best
Solo Vogt Salvucci Espy
Falsetta Hernandez Pugh Biddix
Todorovski Paradis Lacroix

Featured Art For Sale

AP Upper Deck Cards for Thor The Dark World
These are the first AP's I've done as well as the very first Published work of mine with

Batman: Dark Knight over Gotham
Drawn as a pin up, that was going to be used as a basis for new Batman print for this year

Black Supergirl
done with brush and black ink on HMT standard comic artboard

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