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Spider-Man 2

Samuel Shin

  • 181 user views
RULES:   1) Provide a detailed description of what you want me to draw. Reference photos are also a BIG help. 2) Allow 2-5 weeks before completion.3) I use Copic Markers to ink/color, pencils and inks for comics. *I DO NOT* do ...

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Richel Tayamon

  • 342 user views
I'm  Rics, A fulltime flatter I can do 5-7 pages 3-4 pages for the detailed pages a day and I can do more if needed My Rate Is From $7-$15 and as usual it depends on complexity of every pages and can be neg ...



J.C. Grande

  • 80 user views
J.C. Grande is a comic-book artist known internationally for his work on books like Johnny Monster for Image Comics, Alan Wake for Xbox/Remedy Entertainment and Necessary Evil for Desperado Publishing . ...

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Jonathan A. Price

  • 395 user views
I'm a freelance illustrator, pinup artist and colorist from Philadelphia PA who has been doing independent illustration and coloring commissions since 2006. I specialize in drawing strong and sexy female characters and rendering them in a vibrant digital cel-shaded style. I have drawn numerous original character illustrations for a variety of cl ...



Eric Linquist

  • 501 user views
I'm a freelancer and I brainstorm,  I draw and then I make my clients really happy. I handle traditional and digital pencils, inks and colors and I crank out comic book stylings, bad-ass superheroes, sexy pinups, you name it - check out the 30 varied samples I've provided! Then hit me up! Worki ...

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John Yandall

  • 223 user views
Pin-up and portrait illustrator in the comic character genre.Prices $50 for one-character piece, an additional $20 for every additional character.I use 11"x17" or 14"x17" illustrator boards.I also illustrate blank comic covers at the same rates mentioned above.For a custom superhero portrait using your face. Se ...

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Joe Davis

  • 486 user views
Hey thanks for stopping by! I'm Joe. I like to draw superheroes. I am a freelance artist. Currently accepting commissions. Here's the prices list Single character Bust drawings $10 Sketch ...



Jimmy Reyes

  • 138 user views
Reyes is a freelance comic book artist he has worked with Underworld actor and comic book writer Kevin Grevioux on his comic ZMD as an inker. Reyes has inked many comic books and is now a comic book penciller offering his talents to you, own a personalized comic page art commiss ...


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