Stu Roach

Belvidere, IL, United States distance: 775 Miles

I do primarily pencil sketches of family, pets, and celebrities. I also copy comic book art for the fun of it. I love inking with a brush! :)

Rafael Desquitado Jr

Spring Valley, CA 91977, United States distance: 2,419 Miles

Based in San Diego, CA. Experienced comic book illustrator. Digital pencil and ink . Have some experience with lettering.

Jenn DePaola

Roanoke, VA, United States distance: 399 Miles

Jenn DePaola is a professional digital and traditional artist with a penchant for geek & pop culture. She currently resides in her hometown, Roanoke, VA; with her husband, and
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Matt Bryan

Matt Bryan is an award-winning illustrator, cartoonist and animator living in St. Louis, Missouri. He is best known for his work on the graphic novel Book of Da.

J.C. Grande

J.C. Grande is a comic-book artist known internationally for his work on books like Johnny Monster for Image Comics, Alan Wake f


Port Credit, Mississauga, ON, Canada distance: 346 Miles

I am a graphic illustrator with 20 years experience and I began creating my portfolio in 2006. I specialize in line art and pencil portraits, but I'm not afr

Scott Rosema

1262 E Forest Ave, Muskegon, MI, United States distance: 650 Miles

Professional illustrator, clients include Marvel, DC, Warner Bros., Disney, Cartoon Network, Hanna Barbera, Dreamworks, Image, Valiant, TSR, FASA, Fleer, Landoll, White Wolf,

Jesse Brit

1444 Shepherd Ln, Dallas, TX 75253, USA distance: 1,365 Miles

Just some samples of what I can do I can do other styles as well and I work with paper sometimes too but coloring is easier with software programs. I can work on my phone using ske
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Rob Jones

Selby, United Kingdom distance: 3,376 Miles

Hi guys and girls! I am a UK based comic letterer/creator! You can check out my creator owned stuff here madiuscomics.tumblr.com/ and some example lettering at my personal blog her
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Louise Kay Uy

Los Angeles, CA, United States distance: 2,446 Miles

Digital comic book or manga artist. Loves action comedy and style suited for family or young adult. Can do pencils, ink, color and lettering. I studied animation and work