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Artist Details
Bobby Brian Barredo


Published Professional? - Yes
Price Range (basic 1 character) - $50 - $100
Price Range (basic 2 character) - $100 - $200
Estimated Turn-around Time - 1 - 2 weeks
Payment Methods Accepted
- PayPal
Preferred Genre
- Superheroes, Pinup, Fantasy, Comic Pages, Manga

I have worked for 6 years under TOEI Animation. and i have put up my own creative and Animation Studio : CAT Animation together with my friends.

SInce I have established my own creative and animation studio. i am also accepting works for the team of artists that i handle as well. please let me know what you need and i will do the jobs for you.

I do commission works for Pencilling , Digital art, colors , animation and more. Feel free to contact me and we can discuss rates further depending on the commission. but usually i do a pencilled and inked work frm $50-$100 USD , and $150-$200 USD for ones with colors. If ever you wish for me to work on a set budget you have, just feel free to contact me on my email and we can talk about it.

Country: Asia / Pacific Islands

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