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Dean Beattie


Published Professional? - Yes
Price Range (basic 1 character) - $50 - $100
Price Range (basic 2 character) - $100 - $200
Estimated Turn-around Time - Varies greatly
Payment Methods Accepted
- PayPal
Preferred Genre
- Superheroes, Pinup, Fantasy, Comic Pages

I can draw or paint anything you want, basically.

Single characters, group shots, with or without backgrounds etc

Characters from comic books, video games, movies - as long as I can find some reference images I will literally draw anyone you want me to.

Prices vary depending on the number of characters involved and whether or not you have a background (and how complex it is).

I'm about to have a pin-up featured in issue 5 of Image Comics' 'No Place Like Home' - and have illustrated a short story in Terminal Press' 'Zombiebomb' anthology comic.

I am currently writing and illustrating my own comic book.

Please contact me directly to discuss your requirements and sort out a quote.

Country: United Kingdom

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