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Artist Details
Brendon and Brian Fraim


Published Professional? - Yes
Price Range (basic 1 character) - $0 - $50
Price Range (basic 2 character) - $50 - $100
Estimated Turn-around Time - 1 - 2 weeks
Payment Methods Accepted
- PayPal, Check, Cash, Money Order
Preferred Genre
- Superheroes, Pinup, Fantasy, Comic Pages

(PLEASE NOTE: WE NO LONGER DRAW REAL PEOPLE. This includes your wife, husband, children, etc. We will still draw celebrities, actors, and other famous people. Thank you.)

Follow us on Facebook for our latest news, updates, and convention appearances- http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Art-of-Brendon-and-Brian-Fraim/225531630797313

The Brothers Fraim have worked on KNIGHTS OF THE DINNER TABLE role playing game magazine, the HACKMASTER and CHAMPIONS RPG systems and the comic book sections in the novel, WOLF BOY. They have also illustrated the Harvey Award nominated Antiques: The Comic Strip from Gemstone Publishing and the award winning daily web comic AMERICA JR. (www.americajr.net), with a volume collected by Image Comics. They've also illustrated THE ODD SQUAD from Devil's Due Publishing and VAMPIRE, PA from Moonstone Publishing. Currently, they are working on STARRING SONYA DEVEREAUX, a comic book series spinning off of America Jr. parodying Sonya's various B-Movies.

The Fraim Brothers have a very clean, Silver Age inspired style and get a lot of repeat commission customers. So feel free to take a look around and if you like what you see, please don't hesitate to send them an email at their NEW EMAIL ADDRESS - fraimworks@verizon.net.

INTERNATIONAL BUYERS- Due to increased shipping costs, anyone who lives outside the USA will have to add $10 for shipping to Canada, and $20 for shipping to anywhere else in the world. An additional invoice will be sent with these stated amounts. Thanks!

Purchasing artwork from this site means you understand the terms of the sale.

If you are emailing us about a project and we don't respond, it means we're not interested. Thanks.

Commission details are available at their website www.brosfraim.com


Single figure Black & White (9 in. x 12 in.) - $40

Two to four figures Black & White (9 in. x 12 in.) - $60

Five or more figures Black & White (9 in. x 12 in.) - $90


COLOR single figure (9 in. x 12 in.) - $80

COLOR two to four figures (9 in. x 12 in.) - $120


Single figure Black & White (11 in. x 17 in.) - $60

Two to four figures Black & White (11 in. x 17 in.)- $90

Five to eight figures Black & White (11 in. x 17 in.)- $120


COLOR SKETCH CARDS- One character - $15 Each

Country: United States

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