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About Me

Greetings my name is Hal Laren and welcome to my comic art commissions page.
Ok here’s a little bit about me.
In the day time I work at UK comics creative printing and distributing comics through the UK and Europe. There I fix files for print and help people with tutorials I’ve created as well as templates and such like.

By night however I am Hal Laren comic artist. I run as small independent comic publisher which I’ve been doing for about 9 years. Under my Belt I’ve created in the region of 24 comics 3 graphic novels 2 art books and around 30 covers for many comic publishers around the world. Such as Bluewater Foot solders Black Alpha Moon Bearlands Wildwire Torsobear Brethren born and a lot more but don’t want to go on too long. Any way have a look around my page enjoy my art work and if you want to Commition me please feel free to contact me II look forward to chatting with you.
Hal Laren comic artist.