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About Me

My name is Jose Molestina but everybody knows me as JO, founder of Journey Studios. I'm an independent freelance artist and have been drawing professional for a decade. When I am not doing private commissions, I work on self-imposed challenges that would help me be more competitive and get better at my craft.

One self-imposed challenge was “DC Daily” and it consisted on drawing a DC character illustration per day for 2014. I ended up with 365 high quality full-colored illustrations and I never missed a single daily deadline during that year. I also made 52 fan-art Marvel comic covers for another project named “Marvel 52” in 2015. I have recently make a collection for Inktober focusing on popular monsters using only inks.

I have experience with making comics as well, having produced several of them. My favorites being a fan-art comic telling the final chapter of Wally West, The Flash, when he was missing in the DC Timeline. I also did a short story based on the popular character Deathstroke from DC Comics. All my work can be seen on my webpage

I'm here to make sure what you see inside your head becomes real. I want to draw with professional quality whatever your imagination conjures. I have a wide range of products to accommodate with your budget.

Feel free to check my gallery, leave comments, and ask for commissions.