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August 11, 2017 2:36 pm

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I'm a freelancer that loves creative problem solving, mostly with sequential art.

I studied Art Studio at the University of Kentucky where I earned my bachelors in 2009. While there I studied privately with Sal Villagran.

From 2008-2012, I briefly worked with Quarantine Comics out of Lexington, Ky as a penciller/inker of "Assassin's Incorporated" with Ray Jordan.

I now work passion comic projects and do commissions for comics, characters, architecture, vehicles, and caricatures.

I love figure art but mostly telling a story in the most interesting way possible, especially where it requires detailed backgrounds.

I work traditionally on 11 x 17 smooth bristol paper or digitally.

My comic page rates start at $25 for penciling, $35 for fully rendered pages on Photoshop and $50 for Inking.

For other inquiries the starting rates are as follows:
$25 per character
$75 for architectural drawings
$50 for vehicles
$25 for caricatures

Please feel free to message me here or at pjbutl2@yahoo.com

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