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About Me

As far as I remember, I began drawing at the age of four or five. I was exposed Superman and Spider-Man cartoons and every episode I watched I tried to draw it out by memory. It eventually opened the doors in the world of comic-books. Since then I've been a lifetime comic-book fan of many Marvel and DC superheroes. I believe they are our modern mythology today, and I firmly believe that comics are a lot more interesting and inspiring than most people may think. I currently attend Academy Of Art University majoring in illustration, understanding all the fundamentals to help me be prepared for the real world. So far throughout my career in college, I've began to appreciate and enjoy other artistic styles, themes, and concepts, but comics is my bread and butter. My go-to and choice mediums are pencils, inks, and markers. I wouldn't say that I'm the best of the best in all mediums or concepts, but I would say that I am a versatile artist. I'm a fanboy at heart and I'm always immersed in the world of superheroes and I absolutely eat it up. Marvel and DC comics are still a huge inspiration to me and I hope to work for either one of them professionally. One day perhaps.