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About Me

JL Straw is a professional comic book artist with 10 years experience specialising as an inker/penciler, and 5 years experience as an art and development editor. She has worked for such publishers as Markosia, Bluewater Comics (now Tidal Wave Comics), and Medikidz (now Jumo Health).

In 2017 she did some fill-in inking work for IDW Publishing on their Back To The Future comic series, and in July 2018 she signed on to work on a major title comic series for Dark Horse Comics as an inker.

Currently she is working on her own sci-fi/supernatural comic book series as creator and co-writer.

JL Straw has a track record in producing quality artwork for clients here on Comic Art Commission ensuring clients are involved and kept up to date with progress on a weekly basis. Most of her commissions turn family members into their favourite geekdom characters from movies, comics, games and cartoons for birthdays and wedding occasions.