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March 5, 2016 4:57 pm

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A comic-book geek was taken to a secret, underground lab where digital artistic ability was melded with his more traditional pencil and painting techniques…and a monster was born!


I do not differentiate between head/torso/medium/full body and all that. I just keep it simple, draw whatever you like, and put just as much work and detail into it no matter what, which I can all-but-guarantee will be more than you paid me for because I have a serious problem where I just can’t help myself. (It’s a blessing and a curse.)

I’m inspired by movies, tv, and comics of course. Specifically: Star Wars, Avengers (movies), Clone Wars (animated), Daredevil (Netflix), and X-Men (comics).
Some of my favorite artists are Michael Turner, Arthur Adams, Dave Stevens, Olivia de Berardinis, Drew Struzan, and Ralph McQuarrie.

I’m a published artist who’s been fortunate enough to have been trained not only one-on-one by comic talent in the industry, but also traditionally through Art History, Figure Drawing, Color Theory, etc, in addition to my own studies which have included extensive technical seminars from top professionals in the Hollywood special fx industry, again, often in one-on-one sessions. Not-so-humble brag: I’ve worked in movies, tv, video-games, and for big names corporations in very tall buildings in New York and Los Angeles as well.

I’d say that my strongest suit is portraying characters in a realistic light. If you’d like to know what a particular character might actually look like (but still dynamic, of course) then look no further. And while I’m not one for completely out-of-proportion characters with muscle groups that don’t exist, I can definitely do very stylized characters and cartoony ones as well. (An extremely important staple of my artistic development was Disney’s Illusion of Life.)

I will draw just about anything and everything you want. (Legally, of course). I specialize in pinups and developing original character designs, but can and have done anything and everything from cartoons (I started out with Disney’s Illusion of Life as my bible) to storyboards to maquettes to full-scale animation. I also incorporate everything I’ve learned from filmmaking into my sequential art to give it a much more cinematic feel as well.
That being said, I don’t do well with likenesses. I can do them. However, they’re extremely stressful for me, tend to require a lot of reference material that rarely seems to be quite what’s needed, and take a lot longer, so unfortunately, they never really turn out to be worth it in the end. If you’re hiring me, I’d much prefer it if you were doing so because you’d like to see my take on the character. This will open me up far more creatively, and I feel it’ll give you a much better chance of being pleasantly surprised.
I’m also no longer doing variant white covers. I know they’re the ‘in’ thing right now, and I’m turning away a lot of business because I get questioned about them all the time. I do apologize, but they just became too stressful and too much work to upkeep to make it worth it.

And again, please feel free to e-mail me with any questions:

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