Carlo Garde

I am  an HR practitioneer  moonlighting as a  free lance comic book artist . Ive been  free lancing  for  7 years already , and have published  works under my name.  I prefer  traditional  paper and ink mediums  although i collaborate a lot with color artists  and  writers that I  have  made friendships with during the years.I specialize in the character  concept design ,  pencilling and inking  comic book sequential  pages, pin  ups,  and covers. Most of my work are inspired by  both  classic and modern  comic book  artists and  I have a passion to  tell  stories through my art . I  am keen on deadlines , my prices are reasonable , and it is my policy to communicate well with my clients  on the commissions they require. I also have a  very high  self imposed standard for quality in  my work.

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Price Range (basic 1 character or page) $0 - $50
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Estimated Turn Around Time Under a week
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