J. Case

I am a published comic book artist, who worked for Action Lab, Checker Publishing, Dena Studios, Siloway Films’ Finnigans War nartated by Mark Hamill (Star Wars) and countless other private commissions and projects including comic books, graphic novels, card games, video games, branding and advertisement. I am skilled in traditional penciling, digital ink,  color and lettering. With over 10 years of experience, I am all you need to create your logo, animate your scripts or make personal comic art commissions like portraits and superheros.

A broad flat-rate on fully completed inked colored and lettered comic art is as follows:
Sequential Comic Page: $300-400
Single custom characters: $150 (plus $50 for likeness of a real person)
One color logos: $75-150

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Price Range (basic 1 character or page) $100 - $200
Published or Unpublished
Estimated Turn Around Time 1 - 2 weeks
Facebook Page www.facebook.com/artofjcase
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