James Calkins

I’m a comic book writer and letterer, looking to hone my skills and make some extra cash before my first project is published later this year – particularly working as a letterer. Most of my work thus far has been on unreleased creator-owned projects, but the graphic novel adaptation of J.D. Barker’s Forsaken, which we just finished, is set for publication in the Fall or Winter, but hopefully by Halloween.

I’ve been asked not to share too much from the graphic novel until we know what the publisher wants to do, but I think it’s safe to include a handful of pages as samples here. I’m also including work-in-progress pages for our creator-owned book, The Devil’s Corner.

As I’m just breaking in, I’m setting my page rates at $15/page $10/page, and $20 $15 for covers/logo design.
(Slashing prices already?! Indeed… they have been slashed. Act now, while supplies last!)
Even if you don’t need a letterer, I’d love to make contacts and build friendships with other creators, so drop me a line!

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Price Range (basic 1 character or page) $0 - $50
Published or Unpublished
Estimated Turn Around Time 1 - 2 weeks