Jeff Baker

I am a published cartoonist and comic book artist. I also do a lot of illustration work. I work mainly with non-profit organisations in both content creation and consulting. I am skilled at various forms of comic art such as pencils, inking, and colouring; but I am also skilled in many styles of comics including golden age, modern, anime, and manga. My style could be described as a mixture of Jack Kirby and Todd McFarlaine. I am also a baptist pastor and do a lot of work doing illustrations for different churches, denominations, and curriculum organisations. I work digitally so I have a fast turnaround and edits are never a problem. I am good at working under a deadline. My fees are as follows:

Black and White Single Character
Head: $30
Bust: $40
Full Body: $50
Full Colour
Head: $50
Bust: $60
Full Body: $70
Add $20 for complex objects (Guns, other weapons, science equipment, etc.)
Add $50 for backgrounds
Black and White Comics: $20/panel (Minimum 3 panels per page)
Full Colour Comics: $35/panel (Minimum 3 panels per page)
I include 2 revisions in the prices shown, any more revisions will be negotiated between the client and myself as needed.

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Price Range (basic 1 character or page) $50 - $100
Published or Unpublished
Estimated Turn Around Time Under a week
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