Jose Molestina

My name is Jose Molestina but everybody knows me as Jo, founder of Journey Studios. I’m an independent freelance artist and have been drawing professional for a decade. When I am not doing private commissions, I work on self-imposed challenges and personal projects.

I’m here to make sure what you see inside your head becomes real. I want to draw with professional quality whatever your imagination conjures. I have a wide range of products to accommodate with your budget.


11 x 17 Full Figure: 1 Character, Generic Background
$100.00 – Pencils original art
$150.00 – Inks original art:      
$200.00 – Digital, full-color (Does not include Original Art)


$25.00 – Includes Pencils Original Art to the Digital Commission
$50.00 – Includes Inks Original Art to the Digital Commission
$25.00 – Detailed Background
$25.00 – Each additional Character
$25.00 – Cover Elements (such as Title, Barcode, Issue #, etc)*
$50.00 – Likeness per Figure
$50.00 – Character Design
$50.00 – Art Process Video Time-Lapse
$10.00 – Print
$10.00 – Shipping

* This does not include Logo or Title Design. I can copy an existing one though

I can also draw 9x 12 sketches for $50.

Feel free to check my gallery, leave comments, and solicit for commissions.



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Price Range (basic 1 character or page) $100 - $200
Published or Unpublished
Estimated Turn Around Time 2 - 4 weeks
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