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nate lovett

nate lovett

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Nate Lovett is an approved artist for Paw Patrol and Rusty Rivets for Nickelodeon, and has worked on books with those characters for companies such as Random House and Leap Frog. Currently he’s working on his own all ages book Champions of Odd Lake. He’s also worked on properties like Redakai and Monsuno for Viz Media, Ray Height’s Midnight Tiger  and the Actionverse from Action LabHack/Slash, The Perhapanauts, Kyrra: Alien Jungle Girl, and Skyward, as well as concept art for Hasbro on projetcs ranging from Star Wars, and GIJoe, to My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop.

Commissions range from pencils all the way
to full color. Pricing depends on size and number of characters and whether it
is to be penciled, inked, and or colored. They are 11X17, and they are full body
shots and included a background.

Pricing for them is:
1 character pencils:

1 character inks:
11×17- $125

1 character colored (includes lineart and full color print)
11×17- $200

First additional character is $100, additional characters
after that is $50 each.

I also do color pieces using marker and colored pencils.
Large, full body pieces are $100 plus shipping.

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