Nick Cagnetti

I’m an independent comic book artist from Phoenix, AZ who for the last 4 years has been working on several of my own series such as Infinite Wonders, The Spirit of the Shadows, and Pink Lemonade. All of these series are available to read online for free. I have a lifelong love for the comic book medium so I really hope that same love comes through with the work I do. I’m open for commissions at pretty darn cheap rates. Also open to freelance work inquiries. Pricing for commissions is as follows:

A 9×12 character bust inked is $15, colored is $20.

A 9×12 full character pose is $25 inked, colored is $30.Adding a full background is $15, adding an additional character is $10.

An 11×17 pinup with character and full background inked is $50, colored is $65.

Can also do 11×17 mock-covers/homages/cover recreations in my style by request.


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Price Range (basic 1 character or page) $0 - $50
Published or Unpublished
Estimated Turn Around Time Under a week
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