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If you happen to be needing a promo or pitch package lettered, I’m offering three pages for $25.00 as an introductory special, with a 3-5 day turn-around.  This is also perfect for Kickstarter campaigns!

If this sounds at all interesting, please take a look Action Hero Mandy and the Kindred Homecomings on SnugComics.com, thanks.

Feel free to email me direct: info@snugcomics.com
This price is for lettering services only.  Other comic book production services offered at affordable rates.  
Thanks for stopping by.
*Art in samples displayed by: P.Z.Didelis (art Action Hero Mandy), Liezl Buenaventura (Action Hero Mandy colors), Charles C. Hollman (Pendulum Agency), and t.y.b. (art, colors, lettering)

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Price Range (basic 1 character or page) $0 - $50
Published or Unpublished
Estimated Turn Around Time Under a week
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