Tara Kurtzhals

Hello! My name is Tara Kurtzhals and I specialize in covers, interiors, and illustrations. I have worked with Line Webtoon for the past year and looking to work with new clients as well!

I love drawing monster girls, fantasy characters, and have a background in animation! I can draw your D&D characters, a family portrait, cute superhero stuff, and lots more. 

Pricing: I charge between $60-100 for a single character commission with $40 per each additional character. I can do comic book covers for a range of $150-200. 
My page rate for comic book pages is $175 per page. 
More complex illustrations can be done but will be negotiated further! I work first and foremost in comics and editorial illustrations!

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Price Range (basic 1 character or page) $100 - $200
Published or Unpublished
Estimated Turn Around Time 1 - 2 weeks
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