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Alias Cummins


Alias Cummins

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Hi there!

I’m a comedy vlogger, and I produce a new weekly show called Heckler Central. I do it in character as The Heckler, who is a riff on The Joker.

I’d like to commission someone who has a good DC-esque style, or potentially a few different artists to create some original art of the character, preferably in a style similar, but not the same as, actual DC artists. I’m thinking cover art here, or full page panels.

I’m not interested in infringing anyone’s copyright or stepping on any publisher’s toes, as it falls under the umbrella of parody / fair use / derivative work.

Anyway, if you’re available for commissions and feel you’re up to the task, please get in touch. Previous experience drawing DCU characters desirable but not essential.

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