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Andrea Montano


Andrea Montano

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I’m a freelance illustrator who enjoys working with clients and believes each project is important and should look professionally amazing.

I am capable of doing posters, children’s books, cards, stationary, character design and comic books. 

For digital artwork, I work proficiently in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign; Art Rage Studio, Sketchbook Pro, Clip Studio Paint, Manga Studio.

For traditional artwork, I work in acrylics and oil paints as well as watercolors on canvas or illustration board. For inking, I work on bristol paper or illustration board.

Taxes are included in pricing chart below. 

Hablo Español y puedo asistir en proyectos artisticos en medios digitales o tradicionales.


Colored or Black and white Illustrations (Digital/Traditional)::

One Page Illustration 8.5” x 11”or smaller (350 dpi digital): 

One Character: $26
With perspective or Without Background-One Character: $36
With perspective or Without Background-Two Character:$46
With perspective or Without Background-Multiple Characters: (e-mail me

One Page Illustration 11” x 17” (350 dpi digital)

With perspective or Without Background-One Character: $50
With perspective or Without Background-Two Characters:$80
With perspective or Without Background-Multiple Characters: (e-mail me

For larger illustration inquiries and for realistic portraits please e-mail for rates:

Comic Pages:


Flat rate of $46 per page 
(rate changes if it’s a tight deadline or rushed project)

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