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Ben Herrera


Ben Herrera

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Hello all! I’m a professional comic book artist who’s been in the industry for over 20 years. A few of the companies I’ve worked for are Malibu, Image, Marvel, DC, and Darkhorse. Some of the books I’ve drawn are Freex, Firearm, Star, Marvel Adventures, Adventures of the X-Men, Wolverine Annual, Predator, Justice League Annual, Wildcats Adventures, Superboy, 101 Ways To End the Clone Saga, and X-Man. There’s my resume in all of it’s comic booky glory. All that to say I can definitely create a pretty cool commission for you so if you’d like one please let me know. 

And without further ado…here’s my current price list:
Pencil Sketches:
9×12  Mini head shot – $20.00
9×12  Head shot – $30.00
9×12  Bust – $50.00
9×12  Torso – $100.00
11×17  Full Figure – $150.00
Penciled and Inked Pieces:
9×12  Mini head shot – $25.00
9×12  Standard head shot – $50.00
9×12  Bust – $75.00
11×17  Torso – $150.00
11×17  Full figure – $200.00
Sketch Covers:
For one character torso – $100.00
For one character full body – $150.00
More than one character: Please message me
For colored commissions or extra figures/heads:
Color add + 50%
Extra head/figure add + 50%
I do all colors digitally. After I complete the pencil and ink original I scan and color it on my handy dandy Wacom. Then I’ll Dropbox you the high res file and you can make prints of it to your hearts content. Pretty cool huh? 😉
I do fully digital commissions as well. Please PM me to find out more
ALL Shipping: $20 per shipment (save if you order more) via trackable courier service.
If you’d like a commission then please message me here on this site or private message me on my FB artist page(you can also “like” it if ya want too. Just a little shameless self promotion…haha): 

Or Artstation:

Or you can contact me using my email:
Or Instagram:
Thanks and have an awesome rest of your week! 
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