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Brad Green


Brad Green

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I am an artist specializing in comic book related art. I work traditionally (pencil, ink, paint) as well as digitally.

I have some small press experience, but nothing mainstream as of yet. I’ve done some work for Penny Farthing, a four issue series at Arcana called Nieves, and two issues of Argo 5 for Argo Comics. 
Over the years, my commissions have ranged from small to large to very large. 
Rates depend on what you want and what size you want. A single character, no background, 8×10 will be pretty cheap. Say $40-ish. Add another character and it’ll go up. Make it 11×17 and it’ll get a bit more expensive. You are the boss. Let me know what you’re looking for and we can work it out.
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