I’m a digital artist whose focus is on character design, illustration, and in general, visual storytelling. As an artist, I am a strong believer in making sure the art style and story are cohesive and play off one another. I mainly design characters with animation or comic/illustration in mind, however I am also interested in designing for video games.

I did attend college and graduated with a BFA in Digital Art. However, it wasn’t all that educational for the things that I wanted to do. The focus was really on 3-d animation, even in the classes that were not supposed to be. The figure drawing classes were definitely the best of all the classes. I’ve done a few internships, but they were for very small ‘companies’ that seemed to just want free labor for their start up idea that didn’t seem like it’d do well. 

For my pay rate, it’s up for negotiation but the general range would be:

  • $50 for a black and white single character illustration
  • $100 for a black and white illustration w/at least two characters and a background
  • typically double the rate for color unless it’s simple cell shading
  • for character design, it’d depend on the ask, but I think pricing it by hour at $13/hr would be a decent start point
  • for comic pages the same idea above would be applied, but for black and white NOT color

I’m open to almost anything, so if you like my art and think i’d be a good match, feel free to reach out and ask!! Just use the link to my artstation and click on ‘resume’ at the top right, my email is listed there.