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"Dutch" Carl Dutchin - Dutchs Dynamic Illustration


"Dutch" Carl Dutchin - Dutchs Dynamic Illustration

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I am a professional colourist working for HiFi Comic Design on a majourity of DC Comic book titles, Titan Comics as well as other colourists and professional artists.  

I am also a freelance/ book illustrator currently located in Chandler AZ.  A self-taught artist,  I am heavily influenced by such artists as Steve Rude, Mahmud Asrar, Norman Rockwell, and the Great Adam Hughes.  I have had published book illustrations for authors S Ron Mars and Phill Berrie plus other authors.  I have had published fan art work in comics, the San Diego Comic Con guide, and Penguin Random Houses Doctor Who illustrated art.   You can also read my comics first two issue, The Wayfarer, on Webtoons and Taptastic.  My seance title, Demon Slayer Jose, will be out Fall November 2019.

                                                                                 4×6 Sketch Card

Black and White $20.00
Coloured $45.00
9×12 illustration
Coloured $125.00
11×17 illustration
Coloured $250.00
Additional background 
Add $40.00
Background with more than one person
Add $30.00 per person
I do not do pornographic images or nudes UNLESS artfully/tastefully done.  If wanting Mecha or other type of highly detailed information, please contact for quote because that will cost more.
When you need a flat colourist(laying down base colour, not rendered), my professional rates are $25.00 per page.  Please see flatting examples of my professional work attached.  
When you need a storyboard artist, my professional rates are $85.00 per page.
Please email/contact me for your personalized, unique gift for yourself or friends/family.
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