I’m a dedicated professional focused on the best results.
Ease of working in a team, always keeping an open mind for opinions
looking for the best for product quality and customer satisfaction.
In addition to being versatile to simulate various traits, and easy to design new characters.
I can also maintain the speed and demand that the current market demands, without losing the quality of the work.

Well, I have been working with illustrations for 20 years.
I have a degree in Advertising, I worked in some Advertising agencies,  for the last 10 years.
I have been working in my studio with comics, mascots, logos, etc.

Payment and pricing:

• I accept payment via PayPal, Payoneer, and Stripe,  (we will talk about it with you to find a way) for now and it must be the full amount up front.
After payment, you will be placed in our queue.
Please tell me which way you wanna get charged for proper adjustments.

• Except in cases where you’re an old customer or are ordering big comics,
split payments can be made. But the work will start only after the total
amount is reached.

• Complex detailed body parts, tattoos, or frills, the price will be revised.

• The customer will cover the Brazilian transaction tax (9.5%).

• Patrons can use their pledges as discounts, please inform your account name there when doing the order.

• Payment must be made in max of 3 work days. (The exception is for comics as mentioned below) or it will be canceled.

• Prices for commissions up to 2 characters. More than 2 or high detailed background prices will change.

• In the rare case that we might not be able to draw it because of some unfortunate event, then I will send you a refund if you don’t wish to wait until things get to normal and we resume things.