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David Sparvero


David Sparvero

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I am a published illustrator/ comic artist working mainly in black and white ink. 

I most often accept small jobs but I am open to larger projects, especially book covers.  Please feel free to email me to discuss your project to see if I am a good match for you.

If you email me about a project please try to have the following details beforehand:
– digital or physical artwork (do you want a physical copy of it?)
– reference images for me to work from
– a description of what the image actually is

These details really help and I will end up asking about them in my response.  If you are interested in a more detailed project feel free to email me with your initial idea.  I am always open to illustration projects for books or short stories. 

I work a full-time job and commute a long distance so my turn around time for projects is probably longer than most.  But I make quality work that deserves time so I am never opposed to long-term projects that develop over time.

To view my online portfolio check out:

For pricing please reach out; I would love to hear from you!

PLEASE NOTE: All payments are done via PayPal and payment must be sent before work is started.
David does not regularly ship artwork outside of the US.  Please email to discuss the potential of an exception.

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