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Ernie Stiner


Ernie Stiner

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Cartoonist Ernie Stiner began
his comics career in 1991 with Marvel Comics, working on

such titles as X-men,
S.H.I.E.L.D., Silver Surfer, Punisher and G.I. Joe. Later work expanded into
the Big Book of Conspiracies for DC Comics, and the Freejack movie adaptation
for NOW Comics. During the mid 1990’s comics slump, Ernie fell back on his
roots as an Industrial Technical Writer, while continuing to freelance as a gag
cartoonist, and tee-shirt designer. During this period he also produced the
magazine comic strip Superteen with co-plotter, editor Hedy End. Since 2006,
Ernie has played in the small press field with online comics and the sale of
genre stickers and refrigerator magnets! Recently he Illustrated the children’s
book “Swooshy the Christmas Squirrel” by Andrew Stepanik.

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