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Gene Espy


Gene Espy

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I’ve been making Pin-Ups and Original Comic Art for over 20 years now and always enjoy working with people on commissions! Some of the best ideas come from creative folks who say ‘If only I could draw and paint!” Well I’m here to help. The most rewarding part of the process is communicating with a commissioner and fleshing out their ideas. I’ve been doing this long enough that I can almost always get the image from your head onto paper or canvas. Give it a try! I promise we’ll end up with something great!

Commissions start at $150 for one character and background. That includes any media you like: pencil, mixed media (ink, ink wash, gouache, charcoal etc.) or color. For each additional character add $50. I require payment in full, including shipping, before beginning any work on your piece . Email me for a precise shipping cost and turn-around time. 
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