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J. Case


J. Case

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I am a published comic book artist, who had worked with Action Lab, Checker Publishing, Dena Studios, Siloway Films’ Finnigans War nartated by Mark Hamill (Star Wars) and countless other private commissions and projects including comic books, graphic novels, card games, video games, branding and advertisement. I am skilled in traditional penciling, digital ink,  color and lettering. 

I usually work on a fixed price for a contract. The price depends on how long I think it will take and how interesting I think the work will be and how busy I am. Currently I do not take on private commissions from people who are not in the comic industry. So no fan art, or gift commissions please. I am only interested in doing work that is aimed at being published for the general public. I will not design logos or work with letterhead either. Comic art only.

I ask for a 50% deposit up front. A broad flat-rate on fully completed inked, colored and lettered comic art is as follows:
Sequential Comic Page: $300-400
Single custom characters: $150 (plus $50 for likeness of a real person)
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