I like to design characters for comics, video games, stories and just for fun. I pride myself on my strong and sometimes sexy character designs, vibrant digital colors and efficiency when working on projects both personal and professional.

I have dabbled in many mediums including comic book art, fiction writing, 2D game development and even a bit of 3D. I’m always searching for new ways to enhance and improve my work and my skills, and welcome challenges.

Specialties include:

  • Cel Shading
  • Pinup Art
  • Character Design
  • 2D Character Animation for games

Whether you’re looking for a simple interpretation of a character you just can’t get out of your head or full blown comic art or coloring, I can be the artist for you.

Q How do you make your art?

My art is mostly digital from start to finish. At times I may use pencil and paper, but most of the time I draw on an XP-Pen display using Clip Studio Paint. I recently acquired an iPad Pro as well, upon which I mainly use Procreate, Adobe Fresco and MediBang. I favor a cel-shaded image style inspired by animation, but can also work well in bold black and white ink (traditional or digital) or softer digital painting and airbrushing/cut-and-grad approaches.

Q Will you draw NSFW?

I have no problem with NSFW or adult content to a certain extent. Glamour- or pinup-style nudity is fine (artistic nudity, shower scenes, fantasy, etc.) but I do not draw pornography or heavily sexually explicit content.

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