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Julian Briones


Julian Briones

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 I’m a commercial sculptor in Melbourne, Australia. I sculpt for comic book artists, private collectors and toy companies. It’s my job to bring your ideas , characters and designs to life in glorious 3D!

Bobblehead portrait sculptures US $220 flat rate

Fully painted, 1:6 scale character on a sculpted/detailed terrain starting US $830

Collectable sculptures and customised toys. Get in touch and let’s discuss your ideas.
Prices can vary depending on size, intricacy, materials, urgency, paint options.

Be it a one-off piece for personal enjoyment, a display piece to take with you to conventions, a customised gift for a friend or a prototype for mass production, I’m able to produce a striking sculpture of your ideas.
Please message me and I can give you an accurate quote as well as shipping estimates.
Can ship worldwide.
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