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Kai Chew


Kai Chew

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Any QUESTIONS, More pictures of my artwork. just PM me OR whatsapp me at +6592704999

Instagram : @itskaichew

Need sketches for birthday party? Sketches for your own preferences ? Or surprising your girlfriend with cute sketches of her favourite things, memories of you and her on a trip? You’ve came to the right places, because anything is possible here . I assure you with full quality of art with no disappointment.

PENCILS Sketches Hand drawn ( self taught with 14 -15 years of experiences and knowledge)

Specialize in realistic drawing of human,
Human in cartoon/anime form.
Cartoon/Anime drawings,
design for tattoos.
Colour pencils. Detailed colouring, fades and the original paper markings.
Story drawing, Comic Scenes.

Price still may varies, depending on the sketch project.
Price Ranges Approximately :
A5 Size
Single Portrait: $40>
Couple Portrait: $45>
A4 Size
Single Portrait: $50>
Couple Portrait: $55>
Group Portrait (Max. 3-4): $60>
A3 Size
Single Portrait: $60>
Couple Portrait: $65>
Group Portrait (Max. 4-5): $70>

Other Conditions*
– Please send a clear picture of who you want me to draw/sketch
– Drawings/sketches can also be made up of different images or layouts
Eg. Change of background
– Designs could be added as well
– I, the artist will also add in my own creative ideas
– Other drawing/sketches sizes can be discussed (Max. Size A3-A2)
– Drawings/sketches will be placed in a CLEAR FOLDER
– Deposit of 50% be transferred to my POSB savings account
– The rest of the payment would be paid during meet up
– Estimated time needed to complete is min. 3 days max. 1 week
– Overall prices are negotiable
– The conditions above may vary as well

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