Liezl has been in the comic industry since 2009, and has worked with Dark Horse Comics, Scout Comics, Scholastic, Zenescope Entertainment, TPub Comics, Upper Deck, Kymera Press, and various other entertainment publishers. She is the writer of the Mad Cave Studios mini-series “They Fell From The Sky”, and is part of Renegade Arts Entertainment’s “Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures” anthology as both writer and artist.

Her coloring credits include: The Adventures of Captain Nick and the Explorer Society (Dark Horse Comics); This Land: The Search for Maui, This Land 2: The Fall of Tane (Scholastic); Stabbity Bunny, Stabbity Ever After, Shadow Play (Scout Comics); Grimm’s Fairy Tales: The Jungle Book, No Tomorrow, The Library (Zenescope Entertainment); Amputation Capital, Disposable Legends, The Theory sci-fi anthology (TPub Comics).

For inquiries, please email her directly at

Q Can you draw my spouse/partner/kid/friend/etc. on a superhero/superheroine pinup or cover?

Definitely! I have done many custom posters and covers for various occasions, including weddings, birthdays, holiday gifts, and others. Feel free to contact me and I can show you samples of my previous commissions.

Q Can I post the commission to my social media?

Yes, you can absolutely post the commission to your social media! Kindly just credit me anywhere in the description.

Q Can you do a non-comic style?

While the bulk of my work is in the art style depicted on my folio, I occasionally take on other styles of art! Feel free to email me for inquiries!

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