I am a comic artist, cartoonist and illustrator living in Indianapolis, IN. I have been a working artist for 20 years and part of the comics community publishing my own work and doing work for others for 13 years. 

I work traditionally using a variety of different media to get the job done. Pencil, ink and color are all fun to work with but inking is my favorite pare of the process. My style is a “soup” and my influences range from Kirby, Ditko, Frazetta… to Mcfarlane, R. Crumb, and Kurt Cobain. ( to name a small few)

Prices vary based on the job/jobs but $150-$1000 is generally the range I try to stay within based on size, time and how much I am asked to cram into a page. However, if I quote a price I will stay within that set price or range. That said, “add ons” and changes will be priced accordingly depending on the request.  Budgets are encouraged and welcomed. I love to work and am looking forward to hearing from you!

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