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Scott Barnett


Scott Barnett

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I’m a published comic book artist with nearly 25 years experience. I’ve had covers, pin-ups and cards published by Image Comics, Malibu Comics (Marvel), Chaos! Comics, Combo Magazine, Vantage Magazine, SQ Publications, Studio Z, Blackout Comics, Red Anvil Comics and Vices Press. I currently publish my own comic book, Dead Man’s Party.

I specialize in personalized commissions, where the customers want themselves and/or a loved one put in the piece with or as their favorite characters.
Every commission request has its own variables, but here is a basic price structure I follow:

8 x 10- $100 pencil, $200 painted
11 x 14-  $200 pencil, $400 painted
12 x 16-  $250 pencil, $500 painted
16 x 20-  $300 pencil, $600 painted
18 x 24-  $400 pencil, $800 painted
All prices will have a shipping charge added, unless the final product is delivered electronically.
Contact me with your commission request- thanks!
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