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Taylor Payton


Taylor Payton

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Illustrator, Concept Artist, Fine-Artist, and 2D wizard. 

It is my ultimate goal to work hard to achieve high degrees of skill, success, and customer satisfaction. 
As long as I have time, reference, and feedback– I can create phenomenal artworks for all purposes. I send preliminary sketches, allow room for revisions, and have a very solid turnaround time. 
Services offered:
Digital Sketches: (lines w/ basic shading): $50-100 USD/Piece – Goes up per character and adding background complexity. 1 revision.
Speedpaints: $100-125 per painting.. 1-3 day turnaround once started. 1 revision.
Portraits: $125-$185 per painting.
Concept Sheet:  $300 per sheet- limited to 3 character concepts/turnaround poses
Illustration/book cover/headers/Card Art/etc…: $200-$345 starting price – Goes up based on # of characters, complexity of the scene.  3 revision phases.
Hire me for a week (40-50 hours): $1000-1250.
Hire me for a month (up to 200 hours): $4500.
That’s about it! These prices are modular based on the nature of your project. I always aim to provide AAA+ Service and communicate readily and effectively. NDAs and contracts are fine.
Looking forward to working together.
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