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WeijiC (Eric Chen)


WeijiC (Eric Chen)

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I am a freelance illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan.
My primary mediums are digital, traditional pencil and watercolors.

I have worked on some small children’s books but also really enjoy comic and manga art.

Rates vary from the type of artwork being produced – sketches and
lineart will cost less to produce than fully rendered pieces. Usual
rates a range from 100-500USD.

Here is a rough breakdown:


TRADITIONAL (Shipping is extra):

Sketch Covers:
$80 for one character torso
$120 for one character full body
Group shots: Please contact me!

Colored Pieces (Watercolor and Copic)

9×12 Headshot $50 (keeping this price yay!)

9×12 Bust $90

9×12 Torso $150

11×17 Full Figure $300
Pencil Sketches (New for 2017!)

9×12 Headshot $30

9×12 Bust $50

9×12 Torso $80

11×17 Full Figure $120
Inked Pieces

11×17 Full Figure $200
A4 (8.27 × 11.69 inches) Ink Sketches $40

ALL Shipping: $20 per shipment (Save if you order more!) via EMS – an expedited, trackable courier service.

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